Personal Information
By placing an Order, you consent to the collection and use of personal information about you. Such personal information will be collected, stored, used, disclosed, and retained according to the Data Consumer Protection laws.

Personal information collected through the Website by Sunvagga is retained for as long as the information is reasonably necessary, useful, or relevant for the realization of the purpose for which it is collected or obtained.

Information may be retained beyond the realization of the purpose for which it was originally collected (including, without limitation, completion of any transaction or termination of any account on the Online Services):

(i) in regards to transactions effected through the Online Services where such retention is necessary, useful or relevant for internal administrative, accounting, technical and operational purposes (including, warranty management, claim management and actual and prospective litigation);
(ii) where the information is relevant to litigation or potential litigation;
(iii) where such retention is required to comply with applicable laws and regulations; and/or (iv) where such retention is reasonable and otherwise permitted by applicable laws.

Customers may be opposed to the divulging of their information by indicating it to Sunvagga. Similarly, users have the right of access to the personal data concerning them and the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete data.